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Mark Wolinski

FYI: 1928

When you hear someone say that anything is the greatest thing “since sliced bread,” they mean since 1928 Wikipedia: Sliced Bread When the sliced bread was first sold, it was advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped”. So, if something is amazing, you can say that it’s the […]

Defining Freedom

I don’t get to read much of The New York Times, but this article [pay walled] from last week caught my eye. Elizabeth Dias travels to Sioux Center, Iowa to discover why white evangelical Christians continue to support Donald Trump. One of the points of the article is how the people interviewed often they mention […]

Bloomberg’s One Big Mistake

The Democratic Convention is done and Joe Biden is the official candidate for President. The journey to this point was a long, crowded primary season with an amazing twenty individuals vying for the Presidency. Then, after a few states held their primaries, in steps Michael Bloomberg to the fray. He spent an ungodly amount of […]

On Courage

I wonder what it takes for a person to be courageous. I originally wrote this is May, 2012, but seems just as relevant today and I’ve updated it a little bit. If we think back to some events in history, what did it take individuals to do what they did and would I have the […]

The Mac Pro: Right Bet, Wrong Horse

Introduced in 2013 with the click-bater comment, “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass,” the 2013 Mac Pro was previewed. It’s all black, aluminum cylinder design was stunning to look at, plus the power professional users would need for years to…well, okay, maybe not years to come.

Some Thoughts on Photography

Some people are scared of enhancing their photos. They needn’t be. Several years ago, I was approached by a co-worker asking for some help because he had decided to try and start selling his Photography. He had created a simple site and asked if I’d give it a look and what my thoughts were on […]